Dev Log 04 - Things just got edgier!

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What happened:

Something super cool happened… I moved both Atash and Sprint Padawan to the EDGE! Now what does that mean? It means rather than just using the edge runtime in a single region, I just let it go globally! The benefit here is that the application will be served from an edge location closer to the user. This means that the application will load faster for users around the world. This is a huge win for Sprint Padawan, as it’s a global application! One potential pitfall: if your database is in a single region, things will actually get WORSE for those accessing their edge locations. This is because the application will have to make a request to the database from the edge location, which will be slower than if the database was in the same region as the edge location.

Enter Turso, an edge distrubuted SQLite database provider that provides both reads and writes on replicas. This allows the data to live closer to the edge locations, and thus, the application will be faster. This has been pushed to both Atash and Sprint Padawan, and I’m excited to see how it performs!

What’s next?

More improvements on Atash, and then probably a new project I’m cooking up (more details soon). Thanks for being here! ❤️

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out over email.